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Concerts for Social Harmony by Chitravina Ravi Kiran

Ravi Kiran
Ravi Kiran

Media Release: 14thJan, 2019


Chitravina N. Ravikiran launches special talents in Concert for Social Harmony
Magizhan Paridhi &Petreeza Sabu make maiden appearances in Chennai as Carnatic Vocalists

Iconic musician-composer, Chitravina N Ravikiran was the first to initiate serious steps to take Indian Classical music to rural and urban Government schools since early 1990s. 14 year old Magizhan Paridhi, a product of this initiative is all set to make his maiden appearance in Chennai on 16th Jan as a part of Ravikiran’s vocal instrumental ensemble in the Concert for Social Harmony titled “BrahmamSatyamayam” in Muhoortam Festival in Amma Arangam, Anna Nagar.  “The positive power of music must be tapped by all of us to unite people from diverse cultures and backgrounds”, says Ravikiran, who has won global acclaim for his concept, Melharmony that bridges Eastern and Western systems of music.

This concert will also feature vocalist Petreeza Sabu, another talented disciple of Ravikiran’s from Kerala. Distinguished artists like Delhi Sunderrajan (violin), Dr Jayaprada (Flute) and Sai Giridhar (mrdangam) and well-known performing students of the maestro such as Anahita & Apoorva Ravindran, Archana Upadhyaya and Bhargavi Balasubramanian (Vocal) and Arjun-Narayanan (Keyboard) will enhance the concert along with Ravikiran himself and showcase classical as well as contemporary compositions with on-the-spot improvisation. “It’s a great opportunity for Magizhan and Petreeza to work with seasoned professionals as well as senior performing disciples”, says Ravikiran.

He has always held that classical music is the birthright of any normal child irrespective of caste, creed, region or religion and his study in a Corporation School in Adyar, Chennai in 1991 showed that over 60% of children had basic music aptitude that had potential to be developed. However, it was his camp for 31,000 school children across Tamil Nadu with Sarva Shiksha Abhyan in 2006 that conclusively proved that even challenging ragas like Sahana and Yadukulakambhodhi were not inaccessible to anyone, if taught well.  Ravikiran composed new songs and also set to music a few other classics, wrote a book and produced a 2-volume DVD titled “InaiyatraInnishai” which were sent to every Govt School in Tamil Nadu.

Petreeza from Cochin has completed her Masters in music from SreeSankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady with a dissertation on the compositions of Ravikaran after which she moved to Chennai to become his full time disciple. A winner of numerous awards, the young vocalist says, “l feel so honoured to be Ravikiran sir’s disciple as he is not only a vibrant teacher and great scholar but also a most helpful and approachable human being. l consider my training under him as the best part of my career as a musician.”

14-year old Magizhan has been training from Ravikiran and his disciple Bhargavi Balasubramanian from age 6 and has bagged prizes in various competitions.  “I consider Ravikiran sir and Bhargavi madam as musical Gods and aim to dedicate myself to spreading the best of Indian music and culture everywhere,” he says.  Magizhan’s parents are highly supportive of his progress and attribute their son’s progress to the gurus. “Ravikiran sir has treated Magizhan as his own son and given him not only knowledge but also shaped his human values.” they said.

“These initiatives need to be replicated across the country with even greater intensity” says Ravikiran, who was the first to introduce Indian ragas and composers like Tyagaraja, PurandaraDasa to several US and European professional as well as student orchestras. “Every year, literally thousands of talented and passionate children are lost to us as there are no macro-systems in place in schools and colleges for music in our country, unlike those in other parts of the world.”

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