Dev Movie Review

Dev Movie Review
Dev Review

Dev Movie Review :
Director : Rajath Ravishankar
Producer : S. Lakshman Kumar
Banner: Prince Pictures
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Starring : Karthi, Rakul Preet Singh, Prakash Raj
Release Date: 14th February 2019
Rating: 2.5/5

Dev Movie Review: Karthi teamed up with Rakul Preet Singh for Dev, which is directed by  Rajath Ravishankar and produced by S. Lakshman Kumar. Finally the movie has hit the theaters today on 14th February 2019. Dev has powerhouse performers like Prakash Raj and Ramya Krishnan in the key roles. Let’s see the storyline of Dev.

 Story: Dev (Karthi), a Ukraine returned bachelor is the son of a rich man Ramalingam (Prakash Raj) and he loves adventure in life.  He loves taking challenges and accomplishes what he wants in his life. One day, he sees Meghna (Rakul Preet Singh)’s profile on Facebook and tries to come in her contact. Meghna, who  is an entrepreneur based out of San Francisco, doesn’t want to be in any relationship.  They  meet in India and their friendship starts. The twist in the tale arises when Dev starts having issues with Meghna and her possessive attitude. What happens next? Form rest of the story.

 Plus Points:

  • Performance
  • Production values

 Minus Points:

  • Story
  • Direction
  • No Entertainment

Performance: Karthi carries the film entirely on his shoulder. Rakul Preet Singh is ok. In few scenes, Rakul Preet Singh disappoints  with unnecessary over-acting. Prakash Raj and Ramya Krishnan  perform well. RJ Vigneshkanth and his comedy is annoying. Nikki Galrani’s cameo is ok. Rest of the star cast did not have much to do in the film.

Technical: There is nothing in the storyline. The story of Dev almost has no twists due to which, the film doesn’t engage you beyond a point. The songs, despite being popular and catchy, become speed-breakers after a point. The biggest drawback of Dev  is the editing by Ruben. Velraj’ s scintillating grand visuals capturing exotic locales and is a treat to our eyes.  The production values are top notch.

Analysis: Is Dev an adventure film? No, there are only couple of trips and an Everest-climbing scene. Is it a romantic film? No, there is no romantic chemistry between Karthi and Rakul Preet Singh. A relationship drama? Kerthi decides to fall in love of Rakul Preet Singh after seeing her pic on Facebook. An action Drama? There are only few stunts. Emotional film?  there is no emotion in the film at all. Overall, Dev is way too predictable to ever surprise you!