Duniya Vijay escapes from arrest

Duniya Vijay escapes from arrest

Duniya Vijay has been booked for obstructing the police from arresting the accused producer P Sundar Gowda. Duniya Vijay is absconding, and police are looking for him.

Chennamanakere Achhukattu police on Thursday registered a criminal case against Kannada film actor Duniya Vijay for allegedly obstructing police officials from discharging their duty.

A senior police officer said the district court had issued a warrant to arrest producer Sunder P Gowda (the producer of Kannada movie Maasthi Gudi) over the tragic TG Halli incident in which two stunt masters Anil and Uday, had drowned in November 2016.  On Wednesday evening when the police team reached to Sundar Gowda house to arrest him around 10:30 pm on Wednesday and were about to take the producer into the custody,  actor Duniya Vijay along with two other person came to Gowda’a house and allegedly deterred the police from making the arrest. Not only this, Duniya Vijay also forced the police team to come out from the house.

 On the otherside, taking  the advantage of the police team moving out, Sunder  Gowda jumped from the wall of his house and escaped. After coming back to police station, the police informed the same to their senior police officer and  the case was filed against Duniya Vijay on Thursday on charges of obstructing a public servant from discharging his duty.

 When the police team reached to Duniya Vijay’s house at 3:30 am to arrest him,  they did not found  the actor. A special team has now been formed to nab Duniya Vijay.

 The police said that Sunder Gowda had reportedly skipped court hearings and had also failed to appear in court since two years. So court issued the order to arrest Gowda.

Maasthi Gudi tragedy-  During the shoot of Maasthi Gudi, the team went to the Thippagondanahalli Reservoir to shoot the climax of the film. Two actors, Uday and Anil, jumped off a helicopter into the reservoir without safety gears. As they did not know swimming, drowned in the reservoir but Duniya Vijay who wore safety gear was rescued. The  case was filed against the director, producer and other for the negligence towards safety of junior artists.