HomeMovie NewsExclusive Interview: Interesting things that Akkineni Nagarjuna said about 'The Ghost'..!

Exclusive Interview: Interesting things that Akkineni Nagarjuna said about ‘The Ghost’..!

Exclusive Interview: Interesting things that Akkineni Nagarjuna said about 'The Ghost'..!
Exclusive Interview: Interesting things that Akkineni Nagarjuna said about ‘The Ghost’..!

Akkineni Nagarjuna is the hero of the movie ‘The Ghost’ directed by Praveen Sattar. Nagarjuna will be seen as a powerful Interpol officer Vikram in this film. Sonal Chauhan acted as the heroine in this movie. The film was produced by Puskur Ram Mohan Rao and Sarath Marar along with Sunil Narang under the banners of ‘Srivenkateswara Cinemas LLP’ and ‘North Star Entertainment’. This movie is going to be released on October 5 as a gift for Dussehra. In this background, King Nagarjuna participated in the promotion of this film and told some interesting things.

Promotions about ‘Tamahagane’ weapons were used a lot. Is there any story behind this?


Yes… There is a back story behind Tamahagane. In the movie, however, it does not exist. Director Praveen told me an interesting story about it. We liked it and left a glimpse of it. If this movie becomes a hit, we will also show its back story (laughs).

How much do you think ‘The Ghost’ will impress the audience?

There is a nice family drama in the story of The Ghost. Sister and brother bonding is good, everyone likes the hero’s fight to save his sister and family. I always like something new. Praveen Sattaru presents this story in a very new way. I didn’t think that the emotion in an action movie would grow in this range. The audience also feels shocked when they come out after watching the movie. The movie will be very new. The climactic church fight is the main highlight.

The reason for comparing this movie with ‘Shiva’?

When I heard the story of this movie, I did not get that comparison. While watching the movie, I felt that there was a family emotion like ‘Shiva’.

Did you find anything challenging about this film?

I have done many action films but I have not done a stylish action film with emotion. I really liked the way Praveen Sattaru made ‘Garuda Vela’. I called Praveen and told him to make a good action movie. Then he made the story of ‘The Ghost’ keeping me in mind. I also took three weeks of training for action in this film. Nothing seemed more challenging than that.

All the elements along with all the romance were seen in the trailer. How did you feel when you made a film with so many elements?

That is the beauty of ‘The Ghost’. All the emotions are well done. The heroine’s character is also very mature. The relationship between the hero and heroine is very new.

If Chiranjeevi’s film is released on the same day, it feels like two friends’ films are coming out. how do you feel

We are good friends. There are many instances where two films have been released on the same day and have been successful. If the film is good, the audience will surely watch it.

Was the release of ‘The Ghost’ fixed on October 5 due to ‘Shiva’ sentiment?

It is true that the movie ‘Shiva’ was released on October 5. But ‘Ninne Pelladatha’ was released on October 4. A fan called and said this. The Ghost will be released in the US on October 4. In that way, along with ‘Shiva’, the sentiment of marrying yourself was also formed (laughs).

Is it possible to re-release ‘Shiva’?

Of course. We are making a 4k Shiva movie digital. Not only that but all films should be made digital. Some negatives are damaged. Currently, related works are also going on.

You are doing it in Bollywood.. Actors like Salman Khan are doing films here.. Can you think that the boundaries have been erased?

Now there are no boundaries. If you watch the response video of RRR on the IMAX screen in the US, it seems that not only the borders of the country but also the world have been eroded. I also got a good response for my role in Brahmastra.

About director Praveen Sattaru?

Praveen is a director with a very clear vision. He takes a lot of time for his homework. But the pre-production he does is good. Due to his pre-production, the film was completed in 66 days.

Tell us about your next projects..!

Both scripts are in the discussion stage. These are also in the action zone. Also, talks of web series are going on.


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