Fans Abusive hit on Ex-Bigg Boss contestant

Fans Abusive hit on Ex-Bigg Boss contestant

Sofia Hayat, British-Indian model-turned-actress, who left everyone in shock after turning a nun, Gaia Mother Sofia Hayat, is in news headlines once again.  Few months back, she was in news headlines because of her wedding but this time for completely different reasons altogether. The ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat recently shared a pic of her feet on Twitter.  Swastika tattoos, which are made on her feet has raised the anger of Hindus and her fans, they are abusing her on social media sites. Few comments are as follows:

vishal__sharma01: Do you actually know what this sign is a symbol of..??…..u r telling the world that u r a DEVI…..but u r actually disrespecting our goddess LAXMI JI … please stop this nonsense…and I remove this tattoo from this part of your body.

sooraj_sj98: Simply.. u don’t know.. how give respect… U look like..  pig..

kaunhoonmain_31: What a bi*ch you r f**king peice of shit

atultiwari5: Why u insulting Hindu Gods & religion deliberately all the time on your posts .r u sick BC .Remove it immediately!!

Chintusartaaj: plz remove swastic tatooo @sofia hayat

dutt5771: You hurts our sentiments, please remove this post and don’t do it again.

i_am_harsh_lakhera3@dimpilicious: i always respects the women but what was she showed in legs. She always show your body i don’t care about it . But she showed religions symbol in your legs ….. She hurt the people. I am right fu**k off . I am not say all the women. I am only said sofia hayat

vikaspchoudhary: Please remove.. Its insult of my god… Please I am request to u

priya_kale37: @dmyourhottest what nothing swastik means symbol of a god… Nd she tatto on her leg shame on her…

nasapuneet: U f**king bi**ch..u dont want to remove tht tatoo na..thn its ok…u just add ur gods tatoo also there…beacuse body is sacred… tht thn…and show the peaople tht evry god is equal to tht

the_bullet_lover_kdip: Ma*****od aaurat Hindu Dharm ka Majak bna k rkhi h

rajiv_6115: You are doing stupid things like you make design in your leg you know what is that . That is a simble of goddess in India . Remove it right now understand you stupid.

Arjundawarrior: Shame on you @sofia hayat

Swastika is an important Hindu symbol. It is traced with the finger on  head or body during Hindu religious rites, and on doors on festival days – notably on the occasion of Diwali.