Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Flash: Jagan to hold meet on capital change today?

YS Jagan
YS Jagan

AP Capital change, these words have been heavily hitting the headlines numerous times, ever since the beans were spilled out by the Municipal minister Botsa Satyanarayana.

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There’s been set allegations and backfire from the ruling and opposition parties on to it. Whereas the centre has also questioned him on his opinion towards the AP capital or suggest the centre if, he has any alternative to it.

Now, Jagan who has returned from his foreign tour has turned out to be extremely busy with other works. From the close parties, it is known that on to the ongoing capital change brawl, Jagan has called up for a review meeting on Amaravati today at his camp office.

It was known that all the high cadre officers, ministers, and other pivotal suggestion deliverers of Jagan are going to attend this meeting today. Now, everyone’s eyes are on Jagan as what he would declare on the AP capital and how would he clear the air of uncertainty on it.



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