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George Reddy Movie Review

George Reddy Movie Review
George Reddy Movie Review

Movie Review: George Reddy
Director: Jeevan Reddy
Producer: Appi Reddy, Sanjay Reddy, Damu Reddy, Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti
Banner: Mic Movies, Three Line Cinemas, Silly Monks Studios
Music: Suresh Bobbili
Starring: Sandeep Madhav, Devika Daftardar, Sanjay Reddy, Manoj Nandam and Satyadev Kancharana
Release Date: 22nd November 2019
Rating: 2/5


George Reddy, directed by Jeevan Reddy, is a biopic based on the life of a student leader George Reddy, who was a boxer and Gold medalist, and who influenced the politics of the Telangana region in Osmania University between 1967 -1972. Sandeep Madhav is playing the lead role in this biopic, which has hit the theaters today on 22nd November.

Story: George Reddy (Sandeep Madhav), a brilliant student studying Osmania University. He finds himself in the University which is plagued by Student Politics and becomes a hub of Caste, Religion, and financial disparities. He takes the side of the voiceless and instigates them to raise their voice. The rest of the story is all about how George Reddy fought with rival gangs.

Plus Points:
· Sandeep Madhav
· Dialogues
· Cinematography

Minus Points:
· Climax
· Second Half
· Editing

Performance: With the perfect mannerisms and body language, Sandeep Madhav gets into the skin of the character in a splendid way. He perfectly portrays the emotions of the character, without over-playing it. Chaitanya Krishna and Satyadev are ok. The guys who played the characters of Lallan looks good on the screen. The heroine impresses with her screen presence. The movie has newcomers and they perform accordingly.

Technical: There is no strong motive in the story of George Reddy. Technically George Reddy is rock solid. Suresh Bobbili’s music is just average but the background score is impressive and brings emotions. The Cinematography work by Sudhakar Yakkanti is superb, all the visuals are brought before eyes in a splendid manner. Action sequences are composed well. Production values are good. There is nothing in overdosage. Editing has been sloppy. Dialogues are good. Action sequences especially the Fire Ball fight and the rain fight with blades are excellent.

Analysis: Overall George Reddy is an average movie. The fireball fight and the interval block keeps the viewers interested. The second half is a disappointment with too much lag and predictable. The climax is also disappointing.


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