George W Bush delivering pizza!

George W Bush delivering pizza!

Former President George W Bush  took to his Instagram on Friday and posted a pic of him delivering pizza to his Secret Service detail, who have not received a paycheck since the partial government shutdown began last month.  He captioned it, “@LauraWBush and I are grateful to our Secret Service personnel and the thousands of Federal employees who are working hard for our country without a paycheck And we thank our fellow citizens who are supporting them. It’s time for leaders on both sides to put politics aside, come together, and end this shutdown.” Coming on the pic, George W Bush is seen carrying 3 pizzas. The food delivery comes as a way to help those affected by the current government shutdown that is now in its 4th week.

George W Bush  spokesman Freddy Ford revealed that the pic was taken on Friday in Florida, but he did not specify the location. Freddy Ford also said, “He is buying meals for Secret Service agents on his detail as a small way, however insufficient, to show his gratitude for their hard work without pay during the shutdown .”

George W Bush did not face a single government shutdown during the eight years he was president.

As the shutdown enters its 29th day on Saturday, the Secret Service personnel are among the hundreds of thousands who are not being paid.

According to the latest report, nearly 6,000 Secret Service agents are currently without a paycheck.

The shutdown has sparked  the protests across the US, with it affecting a range of  the tourist attractions and government services from the national parks to the domestic violence shelters

Trump has shown no sign of bringing the crisis to an end as he continues to clash with his Democrat opponents over funding for his proposed southern border wall, despite 800,000 federal employees having been off work since 22nd December.

In the month of  December, George W Bush  was also in news headlines when he handed former first lady Michelle Obama a mint or cough drop at his father’s funeral.