Is RGV is going to attend Officer Pre Release event on 28th May 7 pm at N convention?

Is RGV is going to attend Officer Pre Release event on 28th May 7 pm at N convention?According to Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) tweet, he is going to attend Officer Pre Release event on 28th May 7 pm at N convention. After all the controversies that he created is he really going to attending pre release event. Is he really have guts to attend this event.

RGV made Sri Reddy to call Pawan Kalyan Ma…th and he publicly admitted it.  It is known news that Ram Gopal Varma posted a video, in which he confessed that he influenced Sri Reddy to abuse Jana Sena Chief and actor Power Star Pawan Kalyan.

 On the otherside, recently  Ram Gopal Varma attended an interview as a part of promotional activities of Akkineni Nagarjuna starrer cop based drama Officer and when he was asked , “Do you think Pawan Kalyan’s fans will attempt to affect Officer’s collections?

RGV replied, “If they can’t increase Agnyaathavaasi collections, how will they affect other films’  collections.” He added, “Pawan Kalyan’s fans  are what I call ‘YouTube Alexanders’ . Beyond giving abuses and physical threats on camera, they are nothing more than jokers.”

  After the release of Officer teaser, RGV also blamed Pawan Kalyan’s fan for 11k dislikes.  The filmmaker said, “I am shocked and feel sad for Pawan Kalyan that he has only 11 k fans  because Officer teaser 2 has only 11 k dislikes.”

 It is known news that after coming back  from his Tirumala ‘Kali nadaka’ when Pawan Kalyan sat on a chair as he was very tired. He looked unenergetic in pics that time. RGV also shared the pic of Pawan Kalyan  on his twitter as an example of his (Pawan)  powerful energy.

 Ram Gopal Varma is targeting Pawn Kalyan, and  making derogatory comments on him.

The fans respect the actors and film makers. India is not just a place where you find temples of gods, here people have reached the peaks of hero worship by building temples for them and worshipping them as gods. Fans admire their favourite stars so much that they get their names and pictures tattooed on their body. An incident was reported in Kolar where a fan of famous Telugu film star was killed over an argument regarding who was the top star of Tollywood. Everybody knows the Power of Pawan Kalyan fans. Is RGV not aware of it?