Journalist union Committee warns Pawan Kalyan

Journalist union Committee warns Pawan KalyanEven after Telugu actress Sri Reddy and sensational film maker Ram Gopal Varma had apolgised to Jana Sena President and actor Power Star Pawan Kalyan for an abusive rant against him and his mother on national television, his elder brother Naga Babu also held a press conference on Thursday saying , “Don’t take Pawan Kalyan’s silence as his weakness.”

Pawan Kalyan questioned Telugu media for playing Sri Reddy’s inappropriate remakes over and over again on Television.  The actor asked if TV channels will give similar footage when a minister is abused.  His tweets claiming that his mother has been insulted by some media channels have created a huge sensation.

Pawan Kalyan also called for a boycott to the channels TV9, TV5 and ABN. Pawan fans also raised slogans against these  channels.  At some stage, they  shouted ‘TV9.. ABN Andhra Jyothy Hatao.. TV9.. ABN Andhra Jyothy down down’.   Pawan fans attacked the OB van that belongs to ABN Andhra Jyothy channel.  The glasses of the vehicle were broken and another vehicle belongs to ABN channel also slightly damaged in the incident.

Pawan call to ban channels did not go well with journalist unions. They questioned  Jana Sena Chief,  “Are we controlling your cinemas and its content? Then how can you control media channels and their content”. They questioned, “Is attacking  the media channels and their properties, principle of your party?”

On the other-side, Pawan fans who did not take the unions questions seriously, asked where were all these unions when media were crossing limits with their disgusting content and disgusting debates.