Junior Artist Roja lodges Complaint against cinema coordinator Sreesanth Reddy, Sri Reddy supports Victim

Junior Artist Roja

Junior Artist Roja  said, the film coordinator Sreesanth Reddy cheated her in the name of movie chance. Telugu actress Sri Reddy came in the support of Roja, she has given a complaint on the cinema coordinator Sreesanth Reddy in Banjarahills police station for blaming a Jr. artist  Roja in the name of cinema chance.

Sri Reddy came into national spotlight after she decided to strip on a street to protest against casting couch in Tollywood. The Telugu actress Sri Reddy stripped in front of the Telugu Film Chambers of Commerce recently and claimed the  Telugu Film industry bigwigs hire female actors from outside the two Telugu states because they put up with the industry’s demands.  In Indian Film Industry, Sri Reddy is first actress to go to that extreme. Sri Reddy alleged that the actresses from other states would go to any extent to satisfy the big people in Tollywood, whereas the local artistes (Telugu) are not so bold. Sri Reddy who has changed her name to Sri Shakti, has been complaining for long that sexual favours are being solicited by  the film makers. Now another junior artist Roja has filed a police case against cinema coordinator Sreesanth Reddy at Banjara Hills police station. According to Roja, Sreesanth Reddy has betrayed her promising to marry her after a relationship with her .

Junior Artist Roja said that  Sreesanth Reddy has cheated her on promise of film opportunities. Junior Artist Roja staged a protest at Banjarahills Police Station along with other women junior artists including  controversial actress Sri Reddy. Roja along with Women’s junior artists also  attacked Sreesanth Reddy with sandles.  Women’s junior artists demanded the police to take  strict action against the junior artist Sreesanth Reddy.