Kathi Mahesh Strong Warning to Nagababu

Kathi Mahesh Strong Warning to NagababuKathi Mahesh Strong Warning: Yesterday Mega Brother Naga Babu posted a video on his Facebook and slammed Kathi Mahesh for his demeaning comments on Lord Rama and Ramayana.   Naga Babu said that he was Hindu and would not tolerate the comments which was made by Kathi Mahesh. Kathi Mahesh’s comments on Lord Rama calling him ‘Dhagulbaji’ (the cheater) has already created lot of buzz. Naga Babu demanded that Kathi Mahesh be taken into custody. Naga Babu said that no one should hurt the religious sentiments of others. Both the Telugu states should file a case against Kathi Mahesh for hurting Hindus’ beliefs and feelings.

Now it is the turn of Kathi Mahesh to give reply to Naga Brother. Kathi Mahesh took to his  Twitter and posted a video. He captioned it, “To dear Mr.Insignificant Naga babu,” Kathi Mahesh sent strong warning to NagaBabu, as he said,  “Be in limit, don’t try to cross the border. It will not be good for you.  I will not tolerate if u make comments on me.”

This is not the first time, when Kathi Mahesh fired on Mega Family. In Past, he has made sensational comments several times on Megastar Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan too.