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Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movie Review and Rating

Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movie Review and Rating
Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movie Review and Rating

Movie Review: Krishna Vrinda Vihari
Director :   Anish Krishna
Producer :   Usha Mulpuri , Naga Shaurya
Music :  Swara Sagar Mahathi
Starring :   Naga Shaurya, Shirley Setia
Release date: 23rd September 2022
Rating :  2.5/5


Krishna Vrinda Vihari movie review: Naga Shaurya and Shirley Setia starrer romantic and comedy film Krishna Vrinda Vihari has hit the theaters today. Let’s see the story of Krishna Vrinda Vihari.

 Story: Krishna (Naga Shaurya) is an IT employee and he belongs to an orthodox Brahmin family. He falls in love with Vrinda (Shirley Setia) at the workplace, who is a north Indian girl. The love blossoms between them. Krishna lies to his parents and ties the knot with her but Krishna’ mother is not happy with Vrinda for being social with the colleagues.  How Krishna and Vrinda balance the traditional family and modern outlook form the rest of the story of Krishna Vrinda Vihari.

Plus points:

·         Naga Shaurya

·         Comedy

·         Fresh Plot

·         Clean family entertainer 

 Minus Points:

·         First Half

·         Climax

·         Screenplay

Performance: Naga Shaurya  looks fabulous  as usual styling-wise with an urban under-cool vibe. He looks great throughout the movie. Shirley Setia making her debut  in Tollywood with this film and she  looks cute and her and her chemistry with Naga Shaurya looks good on screen. Radhika Sharathkumar as a traditional Brahmin mother role plays very well. Vennela Kishore gets a meaningful role and performs well.  Brahmaji, Rahul Ramakrishna, and Satya perform well.

 Technical: The  movie Krishna Vrinda Vihari has a fresh plot but the screenplay is flat and dilutes the audience interest with non engaging presentation in the first half.  Background music by Swara Sagar Mahathi is very good. It helps in enhancing the emotions of the scenes. Songs from the film are okay. Cinematography by Sai Sriram is good. Production design  is genuine. Editing by Tammiraju  is ok. Dialogues are fine. Production values are decent.

 Analysis: Krishna Vrinda Vihari is a clean family entertainer. Average 1st Half,  Regular story and screenplay. Initial portions and Satya’ comedy worked well but most of the 1st half is spent on the love track  of the lead actors which is ineffective and flat. Few comedy scenes and setup work.


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