Lady Don threatens Shopkeeper with a Sword

Lady Don threatens Shopkeeper with a Sword A 20 years old lady named Asmita Gohil, popularly known as “Lady Don”, has been arrested by Surat Police for threatening a shopkeeper with a sword. The Video is going viral on the social media.

 Asmita Gohil the ‘Lady don’ threatened a shopkeeper with sword in Surat, Gujarat and forced him to shout his shop. The gang of Lady don was arrested by the cop for extorting Rs 500 from the shopkeeper. This is not the first time when Asmit Gohil is arrested, earlier she and her gang was booked for inciting  riots after they quarreled with a group of men on  the occasion of Holi festival.

 The sources say that the Lady Don of Surat was seen wielding a sword and demanding protection money from the local shopkeepers. Asmita Gohil along with her male friend used to thretene the shopkeepers to close their shops in Varsha Society of Varachha area of Surat. The video is going viral on social media and is garnering huge attention for the girl.

In the video Asmita Gohi is seen carraying  a sword in her hand when she threatened the shopkeeper after which he had to shut his shop.

 The Lady don – Asmita Gohil is the resident of Varsha Society in Surat’s Varachha.  The lady is always seen with the weapon in her hand and she  extorts money from the shopkeepers in the area every month. Earlier in March, she was also seen looting money from the people on the streets on Holi festival.

 In holi, Asmita Gohil  along with her friend Sanjay Gohil, holded sharp weapons and both were arrested for inciting riots but later got bail

Officer MP Patel said, “A lot of cases have been registered against  Asmita Gohil of Surat.” She has even gone to jail before the recent video went viral but the Lady Don of Surat came out on bail.  She has 2,500 friends and 12,556 followers on her Facebook. She is also popular for  keeps posting pictures of her with a gun or Sword in her hand or pictures of her on  bike.