Laxmii Movie Review

Laxmii Movie Review
Laxmii Movie Review

Movie Review: Laxmii
Director : Raghava Lawrence
Producer: Fox Star Studios
Music : Amar Mohile
Starring : Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani
Release date: 9th November 2020
Rating: 2/5

Laxmii Movie Review: Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani starrer horror comedy movie Laxmii, helmed by Raghava Lawrence,  is now live on Disney Hot Star. Let’s see the story of Laxmii.

Story: The movie Laxmii starts with  Asif ( Akshay Kumar)  does not believe in the existence of ghosts.  He tries to eradicate the superstitions around ghosts, by offering scientific explanations for supernatural  events.  Soon his wife Rashmi (Kiara Advani) and her parents (Rajesh Sharma and Ayesha Raza) and brother (Manu Rishi) are alarmed by Asif’ feminine mannerisms. What happens next in this film? Who is Laxmii? Why did she enter Asif’s body? Form rest of the story of Laxmii.

 Plus Points:

  • Performance
  • Akshay Kumar transgender character
  • Dialogues
  • Sharad Kelkar
  • Direction

 Minus Points:

  • Less entertainment
  • Poor quality comedy
  • No seriousness in few scenes

Performance:  Akshay Kumar steals the show with his wonderful  performance.   He is popular for social message oriented movies. Akshay Kuamr has delivered electrifying performance.   The performance of Kiara Adavani is impressive.  She is  stunning in the Burj Khalifa song. Sharad Kelkar is the surprise package of the film Laxmii. Though he has less screen time,  but he does extremely well with his feminine expressions. Aswini Kalsekar is ok in  her comic role.

Technical:  The movie Laxmii has brilliant production values.  The background score, action choreography are the attractions on the technical front. There is nothing special in the storyline but the movie  Laxmii carries a good social message. Amar Mohile’ music work is one of the major assets of the film. The cinematography work  is amazing, and editing is top notch.  Coming on the work of Raghav Lawrence, he made several changes to the original and does not create a good effect. There is no seriousness in few scenes and the movie has very less entertainment.

Analysis:   Raghava Lawrence and Akshay Kumar’ Laxmii has no business calling itself a horror-comedy. Neither is it funny, nor it is scary.