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Maaran Movie Review & Rating

Maaran Movie Review & Rating
Maaran Movie Review & Rating

Release Date : March 11, 2022
Starring : Dhanush, Malavika Mohanan etc.
Director : Karthik Narain
Music Director : GVPrakash Kumar
Cinematography: Vivekananda Happiness
Producer : Senthil Thyagarajan – Arjun Thyagarajan
Banner : Satyajyoti Films


“16D” Fame Karthik Naren directed movie “Maran”. The film, starring Dhanush and Malavika Mohanan, was released March 11 on the Hot Star app. Launched as a political thriller, the film’s trailer and content failed to arouse any interest from the audience. Let’s see how the movie is.. !!

Story: Maran (Dhanush) is an Investigative Journalist. Maran, who inherited honesty from his father, tries to show the people he dark side of a corrupt politician and the fraud he will commit in the coming elections.
What did Maran have to lose because of that? How did Maran confront the politician after overcoming that difficulty? Is the storyline of the movie.

Cast: Dhanush usually gives his best for every movie he has acted in. Why did he look dull in this movie? I don’t know if it is the lack of proper understanding of the character or the lack of depth in the character but.. Dhanush does not seem to have put much effort.

Malvika Mohanan did not look as beautiful in this picture as she in her Instagram photoshoots. Also her character is reminiscent of Tamanna’s characterization in ‘Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu’ film.

Samudrakhani got a power roll but.. that character is not good. Hence that character did not get good impact.

Technical category performance: Basically when there is no content in the movie no matter how good it is technically.. not everything is elevated. But.. in the case of “Maran”, it seems that no one gave their best except one cameraman. Surprisingly, the background music of GVPrakash Kumar is also not good. Production design, artwork, CG work are very poor.

It seems that director Karthik Narain has turned the movie “Rangam” upside down again. The strong point in the story, the depth in the characters, the emotion in the screenplay, does not appear. Over.. Unnecessary twist given at the climax and end that ended in chaos, unstoppable sister sentiment. In many ways, director Karthik Narain failed to impress the audience in the slightest.

Analysis: Logic, emotion, twists and characterizations are very important for a political thriller. The movie “Maran” was screened without anything. Unless you’re bored too.. it’s hard to even see this movie in OTT.

Rating: 1/5


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