Madhavi Latha says: When Gods marry multiple times Why not Pawan Kalyan?

Madhavi Latha says When Gods marry multiple times Why not Pawan Kalyan

Telugu girl Madhavi Latha entered Tollywood with ‘Nachavule’ movie produced by Ramoji Rao.  Though she achieved good popularity with her debut film but failed to continue it later.  Recently the actress gave an interview to a web Channel, that went viral. The actress made a bold statement that the film makers gave her offers along with bedroom offers but she rejected them. Once again, Madhavi Latha is in news headline because of her bold talk. She was seen trying  to justify Jana Sena President and actor Power Star Pawn Kalyan’s multiple wedding. She said that Pawan married all the three legally. His second and third marriages happened only after getting the divorce. She further said that Pawan and his ex-wife Renu Desai are still good friends. Why everyone is highlighting  Pawan’s wedding   topic again and again? While supporting Pawan Kalyan, she said that the politicians who were accusing Kalyan of his multiple marriages do everything secretly and she alleged that many politicians have illegal relationships, they shares the bed with several women.

She claimed that she knows how the politicians share the bed with several women and maintain illicit relationships. Madhavi drew a comparison with gods saying that even gods married multiple times so whats wrong with Pawan Kalyan’s multiple marriages as he wedded them legally.