Manchu Lakshmi fires on netizens

Manchu Lakshmi fires on netizens

Manchu Lakshmi : who is known for her fearlessness, fired on the netizens who are trying to degrade the image of her and her  family members on social media sites. 

Manchu Lakshmi aka Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna is an actress, producer and television presenter, who is  known for her works in Telugu cinema and American television. Just like her father  Manchu Lakshmi never minces her words when she speaks on something.  She is one who expresses her opinions frequently.  Currently Manchu Lakshmi is busy in the promotional activities of her upcoming movie W/o Ram. During the media interaction, Manchu Lakshmi made sensational comments on the social media trolling.  There are many spoofs on Manchu Lakshmi on Internet. Manchu Lakshmi said, “Though I enjoy the troll but now days, trolls are crossing their limits. I will not be silent if anyone will target my personal life and try to degrade the reputation of my family. I know, few people are morphing the pics of my family members and uploading it on social media sites. I want to slap them with my slipper.” Manchu Lakshmi again said, “Come and speak about my family in front on me, if you have guts. What do you about me and my family.?”

 Lakhsmi Manchu fired on the people who are trying to degrade the image of her family members.  She added, “Don’t try to target us with fake news to damage my family reputation. There is a limit for trolling as well.”

Today Manchu Lakshmi wrote on her twitter, “From #WifeOfVishnu to #WifeOfRam! Big hug and love to you @vinimanchu..️ #WifeOfRamFromJuly20 @AadarshBKrishna @Gsamratreddy @priyadarshi_i @Raghu_Dixit @VijayYelakanti @peoplemediafcy @manchu_ent “

 She again tweeted, “Double the excitement! Grab another chance to participate & win a lunch date with Manchu Lakshmi & couple tickets of our movie suspense thriller. Send in your selfie videos as ‘From #WifeOf_ to #WifeOfRam’ and keep winning! Hurry Up! #2DaysToGo #WifeOfRamFromJuly20 .”