Mehbooba theatrical trailer is packed with Action and Patriotism

 The theatrical trailer of Puri Jagannadh’s  upcoming directorial venture  ‘Mehbooba’ starring Akash Puri and Neha Shetty has finally released on social media  today. The  trailer proves that  Mehbooba is  an action-packed war film with a healthy dose of patriotism. The trailer starts with the dialogue, “No one loves a soldier until the enemy is at the gate.”

In the trailer, Akash Puri  is seen kneeling down inside a circle of people, where he is kicked around by a group of menacing looking people. His dialogue “Salman Khan zindabad, Shah Rukh Khan zindabad, Aamir Khan zindabad, Abdul Kalam zindabad, insaaniyat zindabad, mohabbat zindabad, Meri Mehbooba zindabad” is grabbing the attention of many.    The body languages and way of dialogue delivery of Akash Puri is superb.

The movie revolves  around the backdrop of India – Pakistan border.  Puri Akash and Nithya Shetty  are playing the roles of Hindu boy and Muslim girl respectively.  The film which  has the music by Sandeep Chowtha, is scheduled to hit the theaters on 11th May.