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Mission Confusion: Mahesh Babu and Jr.NTR fans fight on Hollywood actor Tom Cruise Facebook Page

 Hollywood actor Tom Cruise posted a few photographs  from his upcoming Mission Impossible instalment recently  on his Facebook Page.  But in comments box,  Superstar Mahesh Babu and Young Tiger Jr.NTR  fans are seen fighting for their favourite stars. If you will read the comments, you will see Mahesh fans are heaping praises on their star and saying  that Mahesh Babu is better than Tom Cruise. That he’s the real action star.

Few fans are  praising Mahesh but few are also trolling him and they are none other than  Jr. NTR fans.


B Sai : Why Hollywood people always copy our Tollywood hero mahesh babu movies stunts copy from our aagadu movie.

I’ll ask simply one question to Tom cruise fans
What is your Telugu mummy us premier collections?
Spyder 1M $ with flop talk and even too with competition
Kids stay away from this post

Pavan Kumar Amara:  Ignore the comments of our fellow Indians about actor Mahesh Babu.

They are actually his anti-fans ( fans of JR NTR ) who are trying to defame Mahesh Babu ( one of the top actors in South India )
Because Jr NTR is a big losser here, who can’t survive without Caste based fans.

They (jr ntr fans) did this just to grab attention.
Yes it is a publicity stunt from Jr fans

Better ignore such people they are no less then terrorists

Manyam Puli: Don’t compare your idiotic actor with our zoo ntr. He is the one who teached acting skills to Jackie chan,he acted in 3roles in one movie called ‘jai loveda kusa’ in how many roles that your actor can perform?
So don’t compare your hero with our legend

Siva Nikhil: NTR is greater than anyone in the world,planet, Milky way,hail NTR

Ravan Fan Ikkada:  I have seen few Tom Cruise fans trolling Mahesh babu this is not good not at all good you don’t know our Mahesh babu fanbase in Assam and burripalem If they come to know about this then u guys can’t handle it

AbhiRam Abhi: Tom Cruise wasn’t as good as Mahesh Babu and should watch his films Aagadu, Dookudu and Spyder, describes himself as ‘NTR CULT’ on his profile.

Abhi Ntr Cult: Our mahesh babu new movie Beard Impossible will come competition to your Mission Impossible…….This time Ceeded records and burripalem records and avatar records all will smash with Our magaysh babu…….

one can even find the odd Pawan Kalyan fan trying to get in on the action. For instance, a user named Arjun Kalyan wrote that Tom Cruise couldn’t even dream of matching up to Mahesh in terms of stunts or reaching his fan base. His profile however, describes him from a “PSPK (Power Star Pawan Kalyan) Cult”.

 Shail Rizwan commented, “South Indian movie fandoms are on another level only…

From what I gather, fans of actor NTR are trolling fans of actor Mahesh Babu on actor TOM CRUISE’s FB posts, because Mahesh Babu is known as the “Tom Cruise of Tollywood”*?”

Finally Hollywood star Tom Cruise’s post has been overtaken by Tollywood fan clubs and left foreigners feeling rathe confused.


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