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Nani’s Awe movie review and rating by audience: Live update

Nani’s Awe movie review and rating by audience: Live updateNatural Star Nani’s production venture Awe starring Kajal Aggarwal, Nithya Menen, Regina Cassandra, Eesha Rebba, Srinivas Avasarala, and Murali Sharma  has hit the theaters today on 16th February. The movie is receiving positive  responses by the movie lovers.

Awe is a thriller drama with good dose of romance, suspense, comedy,  scientific fiction. Director by Prasanth Varma  and produced by Nani and Prashanti Tipirneni under the banner Wall Poster Cinema. Awe has received a U/A certificate from Censor board and it has a runtime of 1.55 hour.


Here are the lives update of  Awe review and rating by the audience:

Mega Raviteja‏ @MegaRaviteja: Confused intention drama, all characters in one #awe Completely difficult concept movie.. Any one watch and enjoy @NameisNani @MsKajalAggarwal @ReginaCassandra @RaviTeja_offl @priyadarshi_i@YoursEesha #Nani

AK‏ @HANSAbhee90: @NameisNani @prasanthvarma #Awe is a good thought with a different making. Nice attempt and felt good. But do you think these concepts go well at the box-office? Watched premier in the US and was surprised with the response. It’s going the other way. I doubt

The Vincible‏ @TheVincible: #AWE Intriguing and awestruck by first half…first of its kind in Telugu Cinema…Nani is a brand to reckon with..direction,acting and now into production…hope the second half carries on the momentum

Kiran‏ @Raj6573: Watched #Awe movie . Superb & outstanding. A New genre-movie. All characters are performed well Lots of surprises are there in the movie. Must watch movie .Go watch it guys.

Thyview‏ @Thyview: Done with 1st half..nijamgaane THIKKA gaane vundi in a positive way…I personally liked @priyadarshi_i & @NameisNani track…@MsKajalAggarwal is intense…@prasanthvarma what did you have in the store for us in 2nd half…eagerly anticipating #Awe #Awe ‘Awe’ Struck. As a viewer, this film kept me engaged throughout. The last 20 mins justifies the title. Firstly, hats off to #esha and #nityamenon for agreeing to play that arc. @NameisNani Eegaga ayina chepaga ayina mammalni emotional cheyadam neeke chellindhi bhaya. #Awe #muralisharma & @ReginaCassandra performances stands out but it’s @MsKajalAggarwal portrayal as Kali takes the cake,her most complex performance till date.technically this film is solid. #karthikgattamaneni visuals are splendid. @RaviTeja_offl is as energetic as ever Finally, @prasanthvarma, bro ne short films choosi cheppeyyocchhu, movie different ga vuntadi and bavuntadi ani but the topics you touched blew my mind, they need to be addressed…hatsoff…wish you exciting future ahead #Awe Thyview Rating 7.5/10

Ajay Rao‏ @axbycz1760: #Awe some Really out of box thinking,though I was upset at #NityaMenon n @YoursEesha ‘s episode of same gender marriage bt finally they showed Indian(Hindu)scty isn’t goin 2 acept such nonsense,(thats what I interpreted n hope so).V.good Msg given in betn D real kick is “climax”

Arjun‏ @Arjuntweets: #Awe : just OK movie… First half : Second half : Good concept but lack of execution… Test your patience till climax…well convinced climax…

Siddhu Manchikanti‏ @TravelwithSid: Raviteja’s Voice over as Bonsai tree explaining the importance of PLANTS , Is Hilarious and is main highlight of this movie – Reports #Awe Biggest spoiler is with Nithya Menon’s character .. As everyone thought she played the role of ‘ …. ‘ #Awe

Asher Vinu‏ @asher_vinu: #Awe That was a very unique film!!!! Never expected this…in a good way…great experience… hats off to @NameisNani for backing this movie… experience the emotions in theatres guys!!! U ll love it… @prasanthvarma

Karthik‏ @HeIsKARTHIK: #Awe —- (3/5) An INTERESTING watch…… Good characterisations showcased with the Lead performances, HAUNTED music throughout n rich production values……..Performs WELL in Overseas n Metros…….. Awe-some feel ENTERTAINER

Bobby Rebel‏ @bobbyrebel2: Natural Star @NameisNani Presents #AWE A path breaking film in TFI. Superb climax. Top class cinematography. Super Hit with out of the box concept.

RAGHAVENDRA‏ @raghavar4u: Really #Awe some movie Different to the core Loved it Specially loved your acting Justified the charchrarer. You are so so so so so beautiful @YoursEesha in the movie I felt in love with you

Cinema Radar‏ @cinema_radar: #Awe Movie Review – Daring Attempt Different Concept Screenplay is fantastic , BGM cinematography is top notch Good Production values Last 20 Min Especially Climax is Awe Some Lags here and there Though bit complicated It doesn’t reach B,C centers Great Attempt – 3.5/5

Murugaiah V: Its an extraordinary and fantastic film with huge cast. This film has beautiful msgs with showing different levels of emotions. Hat’s off to director to handle such a typical subject and congrats to nani for making such a good film. Entire cast of the film done a great job in their roles. We can’t imagine their characters how they choosen.Hats off to Nithya,Esha,kajal,Regina and murali sir your are all done great job. One more big highlight of the film was Nani as fish and Raviteja as tree.

Bharghav‏ @Bhar19: #AWE Masterpiece in all crafts. @NameisNani .. screenplay and story at its best. Spellbound performances by every artist  #Prashanthvarma it’s your day brother

Krishna Nagavolu‏ @Nagavolu: #Awe First half just blew my mind.. @NameisNani – keka movie selection..

Intensity‏ @Ibenevolent07: #Awe okay movie with mindfucking climax Climax justifies the story but it’s a complicated shit

happygolucky!‏ @sraditya1: @priyadarshi_i #awe character is something that brings the actor out in you. Wish you better challenges in future! You did well and the scenes were lively, thanks to nani and raviteja ji- your trio act is superb!

Akhil Sravan Kumar‏ @sravannerella00: O my god!!! This is one of the best movie I have seen in for ever. #Awe struck #Awe some in complete #Awe. Go for it. Go for it. Go for it. Literally, this is so different from the regular commercial movie. I completely fell in #Awe of this movie. Hats off to all the actors I highly encourage everyone to watch this. #Aa

Avinash Vissamsetty‏ @Avinash1294: @NameisNani I demand an article to understand the climax of #Awe I had to go to the movie to see why the movie caught Your attention to produce it ! Still in dilemma to understand the climax !!

Jai !‏ @RampageStar: #Awe Take a Bow Each and every one that is a part of this film. Need Lot of Guts to materialise a subject like this. Kudos to @NameisNani and dir @prasanthvarma. @MsKajalAggarwal Minimal Screen Presence tho Maximum Effect Please Watch !


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