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Natyam Movie Review

Natyam Movie Review
Natyam Movie Review

Movie Review: Natyam
Director: Revanth Korukonda
Producer: Nishrinkala films
Music Director: Shravan Bharadwaj
Starring: Sandhya Raju, Kamal Kamaraj, Rohit Behal
Release date: 22nd October 2021
Rating: 2.5/5


 Natyam movie review: Sandhya Raju, Kamal Kamaraj, Rohit Behal starrer dance based movie  Natyam, has hit the theaters today on 22nd October. Let’s see the story of Natyam.

 Story:    A young girl Sithara (Sandhya Raj) , who lives in a village Natyam, has had an interest in dance since childhood, and her guru (Adithya Menon) trains her in classical dance to perform at their temple. Despite her guru’s warnings, Sithara is determined to tell the story of Kadambari, whose legend is linked to her village and a temple.  With  the entry of a man Rohit(Rohit), Sitara’ gets into deep problems. Who is this Rohit? What connection has  Rohit with Sitara? and how will Sitara overcome her problems? Why does her guru warns not to perform Kadambari Katha? Who is Kadambari? To get these answers, one should watch the movie Natyam.

 Plus Points:

  • First Half
  • Climax
  • Dance

 Minus points:

  • Slow pace
  • Predictable story
  • Execution

Performance: Sandhya Raj is a Kuchipudi dance exponent and she is excellent at dance sequences.   Her performance is also impressive.  She makes her film debut with this film. Even though Natyam is her first film, she looks good on the screen .She emotes well. Rohith Behal is just ok. Aditya Menon, and Kamal Kamaraju leave an impression. Subhalekha Sudhakar is the role of  villain is fine.

 Technical: Sandhya Raju has herself choreographed the songs and they are the major highlights of the film Natyam. The production values  good as the dance visuals are rich.  The main drawback of the film is its slow pace.  The  story is predictable and does not create much impact. The execution are horrible. The first half is good but the second half runs on with irrelevant, unnecessary tracks and sequences.

 Analysis:  Overall Natyam  has classical dance elements with great drama and emotions. The  choreography and visuals are basic assets of  Natyam.


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