Parichayam Review

Parichayam Review
Parichayam Review :
Movie: Parichayam
Director : Lakshmikanth Chenna
Producer : Riyaz
Music Director : Shekar Chandra
Starring : Virat Konduru, Simrat Kaur
Cinematographer : Naresh Kancharana
Editor : Praveen Poodi
Release Date: 21st July 2018
Rate: 2/5

Parichayam starring Virat Konduru and Simrat Kaur, directed by Lakshmikanth Chenna and bankrolled by Riyaz, has hit the theaters today. Let’s see the storyline:

Story: Anand (Virat Konduru) and Lakshmi(Simrat),are neighbours and childhood friends. But their family relations are not good. Both Anand and Lakshmi fall in love with each other.  As they are born on the same day, in the same hospital ward and at same time, their love is a matter of destiny.   When Lakshmi’s father came to know that his daughter is in love of Anand. He tries to put his daughter in control. Later Lakshmi takes shocking decision that changes the lives of both. What happens next? How will both Anand and Lakshmi meet? Form rest of the story.

Plus Points:

  • Few dialogues
  • Cinematography

 Minus Points:

  • Direction
  • Narration
  • Screenplay
  • Editing
  • Slow Pace
  • Lack of real twists

Performance: Virat Konduru tries his best to impress the movie lovers with his performance skills. But he needs  improvement  especially in emotional scenes. Simrat Kaur looks cute and attracts everyone with her performance bringing in right kind of expressions and emotions. Pruthvi and Rajiv Kanakala and other justify with their roles.

Technical: The story of Parichayam is simple but interesting. The major asset of the film  is cinematography.  The first credit in technical departments of the film goes to the excellent Cinematography work. The cinematographer Naresh Kancharana has showcased natural locations in a very beautiful manner.  The Screenplay of Parichayam is not interesting. The music by Sekhar Chandra is below average but his background score is good. The editing is below  par and could be better.  There are many drags in this film that test the patience of the audience. Lakshmikanth Chenna should have work on the script before going to sets.

Analysis:  Lakshmikanth Chenna came up with a routine love storyline to grab the attention of movie lovers by highlighting the emotions but he failed in his execution.  Routine story-line, screenplay and predictable narration are the biggest drawbacks.