Pawan Kalyan insulted Indian Flag

Pawan Kalyan
Pawan Kalyan

You will find that the people wear flag Patch on the left side of their chest, near their heart. But Jana Sena Chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan wore flag patch on the rights side of his chest. The controversial Telugu actress Sri Reddy has find out this mistake of Pawan Kalyan and shared a pic of Jana Sena Chief on her Facebook. Sri Reddy asked her fans and followers to find out the mistake.

Sri Reddy called Pawan Kalyan ‘Pappu’ and captioned it, “In this pic this pappu did a big mistake find out.” Now the netizens are fuming on Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan who is insulting the Indian flag.

Mohammed Shahid Mayaraj: We need to give right respect to our national flag

Chandru: Flag should be in left side this don’t know that manners
Budha Som Bahadur: Flag is wrong side.

Chinniteja MassRaja: Big mistake
Javid Rjav: Arey atleast pappu is better than him atleast he makes us laugh

Ramana Ramana: Mental

Sri Reddy also shared another pic of Pawan Kalyan on her Facebook in which he is seen hoisting the Indian flag by wearing chappal. According to few, this pic is fake.

Few days ago, Sri Reddy also made sensational comments on Pawan Kalyan. Recently Pawan Kalyan revealed that a big party is trying to join Janasena but they are not going to join hands with anyone. About this Sri Reddy had written on Facebook, “Pawan Garu don’t club your party in any other party. One drop of poison is enough to spoil the entire drink. We dn need you.”