Pawan Kalyan to unfurl World’s largest tricolor in Hyderabad

Pawan Kalyan to unfurl World’s largest tricolor in HyderabadJana Sena President and actor Power Star Pawan Kalyan is going to set a new record today on 10th May in Hyderabad.  Commemorating the first war of Independence (1857),  Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan will unfurl the World’s largest Indian Tricolour (122 ft x 183 ft) today i.e 10th May at NTR Stadium. The tricolor is of 22,326 sq feet in size.

 The sources say that Jana Sena Party has called upon Singers, poets and cultural artists from both Telugu States- Andhra Pradesh and Talangana to perform.  Pawan  Kalyan will also deliver a speech on this occasion.

Pawan Kalyan posted on the Twitter page of  Jane Sena Party, “JanaSena chief shri Pawan Kalyan will be unfurling the world’s largest Indian national flag today at N.T.R Stadium, Hyderabad. Event will be live on our official facebook page and YouTube channel:”