Poonam Kaur: Neither Pawan Kalyan nor Mahesh! It’s pain of a Girl Child!

Poonam Kaur Lal, who is an ardent fan of Power Star Pawan Kalyan defended  his favourite star by tweeting against Mahesh Kathi recently.

Later Mahesh created a sensation by raising six questions against Poonam Kaur and her alleged relationship with Pawan Kalyan.  The actress was targeted by Mahesh Kathi after she sprang to the defense of Pawan Kalyan and called Mahesh Kathi, a fatso and an opportunistic person.

Now once again the Tweet of Poonam Kaur raised many eyebrows. She wrote, ‘Dabbul Kosam Maripoina Siddantalu…Me Astitvam Enti? Avasaralu Kosam Maripoina Nijayati Ni Gunam Enti??? #Justathought’.  This time the intelligent actress clarified   that her tweet is not directed to any one but from a pain of a girl child who was sold by the father himself at 14 and at age 24 she has 7years old. She tweeted, “The girl rescued herself back to India and has done fashion designing now taking care of mom and kid …. this girls strength inspired me.”