Pradeep Machiraj grand entry in Bigg Boss 2 Telugu house

Pradeep Machiraj grand entry in Bigg Boss 2 Telugu housePradeep Machiraju makes a Grand Entry to the Controversial reality show Bigg Bigg 2 Telugu House as wild card contestant.

The controversial reality show Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, was launched on 10th June 2018, in a very grand way. 16 participants entered into Bigg Boss 2 house and Natural Star Nani is the host of the show. From past few weeks, the audiences have been eagerly waiting  to know that who is going to enter in Bigg Boss 2 Telugu house to add the spice. The Bigg Boss 2 show has failed to match up to the popularity of season 1, hosted by Jr NTR, which had all the popular faces. The makers of Bigg Boss 2 gave shock to the TV audiences when they revealed the name of Pradeep Machiraju. He has finally entered in the house to make the show more interesting.

Recently there were rumors that Kumari 21 F fame Hebah Patel will make her entry into Big Boss 2 house but the actress condemned it saying that she is not going to be a part of any TV show and she is happy in her house. On the other side, the other names like Raasi Khanna, Varun Sandesh, Viva Harsha were also making round. There was also  a buzz either Shyamala or Nuthan Naidu will make their re-entry in the show. Finally anchor Pradeep Machiraju made his wild card entry in Bigg Boss 2

Pradeep Machiraju, who  is the  Superstar of Small Screen, has  worked as a Radio Jockey for a brief period. He was paid just Rs 15,000 for the first TV Show. Today, Pradeep Machiraju  is the most busiest and one of the highest paid anchors in the entertainment Industry.

With this wildcard entry of Pradeep Machiraju in Bigg Boss 2 Telugu house, it is expected that coming week will be more interesting and melodramatic  than you could have ever imagined.