Pradeep Machiraju: Its psychological rape against me

Case filed on Pradeep Machiraju for acting in film

Pradeep Machiraju, who  is the  Superstar of Small Screen, has  worked as a Radio Jockey in past. Today, he is the one of the highest paid anchors in the entertainment Industry. A woman from Mirayalguda filed a complaint with Hyderabad Police and stated that she escaped from a safehouse and was raped by 139 people for 5000 times almost. In the list of the people, the lady alleged to have raped her, Anchor Pradeep Machiraju was one of the them.

Pradeep Machiraju is allegedly one of the 139 suspects in a shocking rape case of a woman from Miriyalguda. Police are investigating about the involvement of host Pradeep.  Finally Pradeep Machiraju  reacted on this issue and has alleged that fake rape news being spread against him on social media.  The anchor turned actor warned of taking legal action against YouTube channels for posting videos by linking him to a rape case on social media.

By releasing a video on social media sites, Pradeep Machiraju claimed that he had no connection with the rape case registered by a Hyderabad woman at Panjagutta police station in Hyderabad few days ago. He  called it a psychological rape against him.

He  also added that his parents and relatives are worried and  they are asking him after watching fake news on social media. Pradeep Machiraju also said that he would take  a legal action against the false news spreauders.