Rajinikanth Kaala: Journalist Jawahar Nadar slaps defamation case

Rajinikanth Kaala: Journalist Jawahar Nadar slaps defamation case

Rajinikanth starrer much awaited gangster drama Kaala is scheduled to hit the theaters on this Friday on 7th June. According to the latest update, a Mumbai-based journalist Jawahar Nadar filed a defamation suit on Kaala makers.

Kaala is produced by Pa Ranjith and bankrolled by Dhanuh.  According to the latest update, Jawahar Nadar’s lawyer accused  Superstar Rajinkanth of portraying his father, late S Thiraviam Nadar, in a bad light. According to Jawahar,  neither Rajinikanth nor the makers of Kaala took his permission before making the movie on his father.   He said, he  tried to contact  Rajinikanth and the makers of Kaala regarding this issue but they did not respond.

Jawahar Nadar said, “My  father  who was a jaggery and sugar merchant from Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin district, had moved to Dharavi in Mumbai in 1957. He was popular for his nick name ‘Gudwala Seth’ and ‘Kaala Seth’ and was never involved in illegal activities.” Jawahar Nadar added, “ The story  of Kaala is based on  the life of my father Thiraviam Nadar, I demanded a defamation amount of Rs 100 crore, as Rajinikanth and filmmaker Pa Ranjith are making this film Kaala for their political benefits, using my father’s name. I also demanded  that my father Thiraviam Nadar’s name should be credited in the movie. I did not demand Rs 100 for my personal purpose,  I asked the money for the benefit of the people of Dharavi. I will use the money for the betterment of Tamil speaking people who are living on Dharavi. The makers of Kaala shoot the movie there but they did not think about the people. If the  Kaala team will not respond to me, I will move the case to the next level, by filing a case to stay Kaala’s release.”

On the otherside, Rajinikanth and Kaala makers  are saying that upcoming gangster drama is not about Thiraviam Nadar.

Rajinikanth will also be seen in upcoming big budget movie 2.0, directed by Shankar and produced by Lyca Productions.