Ram Gopal Varma in Police Custody

Recently Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV made official announcement regarding his upcoming directorial venture Lakshmi’s NTR ‘ release date in Andhra Pradesh. Lakshmi’s NTR is finally set to hit the screens in Andhra Pradesh on 1st May. But Ram Gopal Varma was cancelled his plan to hold a press meet and Andhra Pradesh police took Ram Gopal Varma and producer Rakesh Reddy into their custody as they landed at Gannavaram Airport today afternoon. RGV was supposed to meet the press and fans in Vijayawada this evening. But now the press meet has been cancelled.

Ram Gopal Varma, the Twitter King, took to his Twitter and revealed that the press meet has been cancelled as he and Rakesh Reddy are being forcefully sent back to Hyderabad by the police. Ram Gopal Varma who is fired on Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, questioned him, “Sorry to inform that the press meet at 4 pm is cancelled because the police stopped us and have barred my entry into Vijaywada and forcibly sending me back to hyderabad ..Hey @ncbn WHERE IS DEMOCRACY ? WHY IS TRUTH BEING BACK STABBED?”

Ram Gopal Varma also tweeted, “I am In police custody now for the only crime of trying to tell truth ..THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY IN ANDHRA PRADESH”

“Hotels in Vijaywada are being warned not to accommodate #LakshmisNTR team ..First Hotel Novotel has cancelled us and now Hotel Ilapuram .This after they have been paid in advance ..The people in power should understand that one can misuse power to delay,but no one can stop truth.”