Ram Gopal Varma is misleading public and media?

Ram Gopal Varma is misleading public and media?The film OFFICER should not be released until the next High Court listening which is on June 7th but Mr. Ram Gopal Varma is claiming that he is releasing the film on June 1st.
Bombay High Court ordered injunction and stopped the release of the film OFFICER in all respects, in any manner, even in parts. This includes the release of the posters, the teasers and the trailers as well.
The injunction/stay is still there as the order is still subsisting. I have personally verified with the website. But Mr. Ram Gopal Varma is misleading public, social media, fans, buyers, distributors and media by saying that the case is settled. By saying so, he is also committing contempt of court.
If the court has ordered injunction on Officer’s promotional activities, then why is RGV posting about new teasers?
That’s the big question he must answet. He must clear all the doubts and come with clean hands by proving that he had paid the amount to the petitioner and that the Bombay High Court has vacated the stay order on the movie.
There is no order vacating the stay. If at all the stay order is vacated, it will be updated on the official website of Bombay High Court.
Please go through this High Court Order. The stay is still not vacated. If it’s vacated, it will be a very big news.
It appears it’s a clear case of contempt