Reeva Solanki – The wife of Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja allegedly assaulted by police constable

 Reeva Solanki - The wife of Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja allegedly assaulted by police constable

Reeva Solanki, the wife of cricketer Ravindra Jadeja was allegedly assaulted by a police constable on Monday i.e. 21st  May 2018 following a minor accident involving her car in Gujarat’s Jamnagar City.

The  constable Sajay Ahir who attacked  Reeva Solanki, has been arrested by the police. This incident took place at Saru Section road in Jamnagar at 5:30 pm.

 Eye Witnesses said that the constable pulled the hair of Reeva Solanki and slapped her twice. It is also heard that the constable also attempted to smash the face of Reeva Solanki on the windshield.

 The sources say that Reeva Solanki left her home in the Jogger’s Park area of Jamnagar for the purpose of shopping at Saru Section Road near the police headquarters and the collectorate office. Witnesses said that the police constable Sajay Ahir came from the wrong side on a Pulsar bike and fell after hitting Reeva Solanki’s BMW.

When Reeva Solanki rolled down her window and she was about to ask the constable if he was alright, he immediately lashed out and assaulted Reeva Solanki.

Vijaysinh Chavda said, “The policeman mercilessly thrashed Reeva Solanki and also pulled her hair during an altercation. We saved Reeva Solanki from his clutches. Reeva Solanki was rushed to a nearby hospital. Later Jamnagar’s Superintendent of Police, Pradip Sejul, also visited to the hospital and met her, later escorted her back to his office to take a statement.”

He further said, “We are providing all possible help to Reeva Solanki and will also take strict action against the policeman.”

Jamnagar district superintendent of police Pradeep Sejul said that  Reeva Solanki was driving the car and her car allegedly hit the motorcycle of the constable who attacked her. Reeva Solanki suffered small bruises. Nothing serious. So she registered a police complaint. The policeman was arrested on the spot.

A man claiming to have witnessed this incident said the policeman thrashed Reeva Solanki “brutally”.

Ravindra Jadeja is currently playing in the Indian Premier League (IPL) as a Chennai Super Kings all-rounder.