RGV: TDP a comedy track in AP Assembly

TDP a comedy track in AP Assembly
TDP a comedy track in AP Assembly

Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV who is popular for making controversial tweet, has targeted former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TDP supermo Nara Chandrababu Naidu. This time RGV compared Chandrababu Naidu to comedy King Brahmanandam and said, “TDP a comedy track in AP Assembly.”

RGV wrote on his Twitter,”@ysjagan bursts into laughter every time @ncbn speaks in assembly ..The last time I saw such reaction is when people see Brahmanandam on screen ..So is TDP a comedy track in AP Assembly ..Just Asking!” This is not the first time, RGV has mocked TDP Leader Chandrababu Naidu. He has also showed Naidu in bad light in his recent offering Lakshmi’ NTR. RGV tweet about Chandrabbau Naidu did not go well with few people and they are trolling the film maker on Twitter. Few comments are as follows:

syam‏ @syamkumarjasthi: U r also looking like comedian for all Ap n Telangana people

Manoj MK‏ @ManojavaKrish: Think more about yourself.. Then only your life becomes better.. – once said by @RGVzoomin

Shylaja Sudhakar‏ @ShylajaSudhaka1: Who is a bigger comedian than U.. 3 woods combined bollywood, tollywood n kollywood

Akki‏ @akkiakki973798 : Why do jagan fans support RGV who abused Andhra people in a video once?
Kirantalluri‏ @Kirantalluri2 : The whole world laughs at you than any one else. Stop all these pyscho acts.