Sakalakala Vallabhudu Movie Review

Sakalakala Vallabhudu Movie Review
Sakalakala Vallabhudu Movie Review

Sakalakala Vallabhudu Movie Review :
Movie: Sakalakala Vallabhudu
Director : Shiva Ganesh
Music Director : Ajay
Starring : Tanishq Reddy, Meghla Mukta
Release Date : 1st February 2019
Rating : 3/5

Sakalakala Vallabhudu starring Chinna, Suman, Prudhviraj, Jeeva, directed by Shiva Ganesh, has hit the theaters today on 1st February 2019. Let’s see the story line.

 Story of Sakalakala Vallabhudu: Tanishq Reddy falls in love with Chaitra (Meghla Mukta) but the way Tanishq tries to impress Chaitra, she does not like it and she keeps him away. But when she also starts to like him, she gets kidnapped. What happens next? Why is Chaitra kidnapped? How does Tanishq save Chaitra? To get these answers, one should watch the movie on the silver screen.

 Plus Points:

  • Performance
  • Entertainment
  • Production values

 Minus Points:

  • Screenplay

 Performance: All the Characters in this movie Sakalakala Vallabhudu are realistic.  They have given their natural performance. Tanishq Reddy steels the show as he has delivered his fantastic performance. Meghla is decent  but she did not get much screen space.  Jabardasth fame Ramu and his friend are good.  Prudhvi, Jeeva and others performed accordingly.

Technical: The production values are decent. The music of Ajaj are good. The story of Sakalakala Vallabhudu is simple but interesting and the dialogues are meaningful. The director Shiva Ganesh has become successful to utilize the talent of actors.  He has mixed the elements properly in the film to create interest.  The editing is ok. The comedy works well for the film. Art department did a nice job. The village visuals are showcased in a good manner.

 Analysis: Overall, Sakalakala Vallabhudu is a good romantic entertainer. Sakalakala Vallabhudu has right blend of romance and emotions. The film has lot of entertainment. The director Shiva Ganesh has come up with a simple story line, but executes it in interesting and enjoyable manner. The plus points of Tanishq Reddy’s performance and production value. On the flip-side, the screenplay and Unnecessary forced scenes disappoint the audiences.