Savaari Movie Review

Savaari Movie Review
Savaari Movie Review

Movie Review: Savaari
Director: Saahith Mothkuri
Producers: Santhosh Mothkuri,Nishank reddy kudithi
Music Director: Shekar Chandra
Starring: Nandu, Priyanka Sharma
Release Date: 7th February 2020
Rating: 2/5

Savaari movie Review: Nandu and Priyanka Sharma starrer Savaari, directed by Saahith Mothkuri has hit the theaters today on 7th February. Let’s see the story of Savaari.

Story: Raju (Nandu) is happy go lucky guy who lives in slum with his horse (Badshah) and earns money through it. He uses Baadshah as Savaari in marriages. Unfortunately, Baadshah has a heart problem and needs surgery which will cost him a lot of money so Raju starts saving money. But at the same time he meets Bhagi (Priyanka Sharma) and falls in love. One day, Badshah goes missing and tension starts in the life of Raju? What happens next? Where did Badshah go away? To get these answers, one should watch Savaari on the big screen.

Plus Points:
· Story
· Performance
· Cinematography
· Music

Minus Points:
· Few logic less scene
· Direction
· Narration

Performance: Nandu steals the show right from his performance. He gets into the skin of a horseman and injects the movie Savaari with his energy. Priyanka Sharma is equally entertaining but she sometimes falls flat. With this film, Nandu has proved that he can also suit mass roles as well. He is good in emotional role. Srikanth Reddy in the role of main viallin, is superb and his comic angle has been tapped well in this film Savaari. The rest of the cast of Savaari are ok.

Technical: Though the story of Savaari is interesting but the direction became fail to execute it properly. Apart from horse backdrop there is nothing new to offer in Savaari. The emotional angle he showcased was also not up to the mark. The camerawork is superb and showcases the rustic locations superbly. The production values of the film are good and the editing is ok. The dialogues are written very well. Screenplay is routine.

Analysis: Overall Savaari is a good entertainer movie. Nandu’ performance are good but the lack of strong conflict points and repeated scenes are the major drawbacks.