Special Story :- What had changed the US Market of Tollywood…!!

Special Story :- What had changed the US Market of Tollywood...!!
Special Story:- What had changed the US Market of Tollywood…!!

Starting from 2001 till 2019 US market is playing a vital role in each and every film’s business.

It all started in 2001 where the Telugu audience in the USA have started themselves distributing the films and releasing their own in all states of the USA especially Texas and Dallas.

And the market had grown up after 2005 when MaheshBabu‘s “Athadu” had brought a good profit. “Athadu” released in fewer screens but the classy touch of Trivikram had given a repeated flavor for the film which turned US audience rush into the theatres.

And the brand started from Mahesh Babu and Trivikram, it all continued with Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s “Jalsa” which turned out to be a Blockbuster over there. Some movies like “Parugu” had also brought good revenue there and the directors started thinking over US Audience as the migrations also increased in the last decade heavily.

“Magadheera” ‘s a blistering success has opened the gates for the promotions and planning of theatres there and the movie’s fate is also decided before a day when it releases in India. Directors also have chosen very good soothing scripts that are more likely to give good laughs and fresh cinematic experience to the US audience.

Meanwhile, the tickets rates had been increased over there by distributors and the hiked rates started from “Dookudu” which turned out to be a sensational hit in overseas collecting over 1 Million US dollars and continuing that “Business Man” which collected over $800K gave a strong confidence that rates don’t matter if the content pulls the audience.

Pawan Kalyan‘s “Gabbar Singh” had also collected over 1.1 Million dollars and created new records overseas. It had become a part that the premiere record is also been habituated and the fans also started calculating the records which are officially reported by Rentrak.

The last movie which collected a mammoth amount in the US is “Baahubali 2″ which completely dominated all Indian movies and collected over $10 million dollars and It would remain as the Best for another 4-5 years for sure.

Suddenly, Surprising everyone The market of the US had been lowered and the movies which are receiving good mouth talk also performing low which had become like a venom for the Tollywood distributors.

Recent flick”Saaho” which came up with huge expectations had received much lower première number collecting around $800K is presently the proof for the lowered market.

“SyeRaaNaraSimhaReddy” which is huge Hit at domestic Market also failed to collect the break-even figure in the Overseas market and Overall it had collected about 2.7 Million dollars.

Trade analysts report that digital platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix had been one of the main reasons and the huge rates had also been the problem.

It is said that The distributors now should re-think the prices and the planning of the movie in exact locations. The fans also should help in giving the exact locations of the movie to be premiered and not to waste given money of the distributors by the worst plan.

Producers also should plan about digital rights and sign the digital rights according to the run of the movie. Digital rights will surely bring a huge impact as the latest poster of “Ala vaikuntapuramlo”, the US distributors mentioned as there will be no release of this movie either in Amazon Prime or on Netflix.

Kudos to Geetha Arts for this initiative and wish more films follow this pattern and bring back the old golden days of the films in the US.