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SR Kalyanamandapam Movie Review

SR Kalyanamandapam Movie Review
SR Kalyanamandapam Movie Review

Movie Review: SR Kalyanamandapam
Director:  Sridhar Gade
Producer : Pramod
Music Director:  Chaitan Bharadwaj
Starring: Kiran Abbavaram, Saikumar, Priyanka Jawalkar
Release date: 6th August 2021
Rating: 2.75/5

SR Kalyanamandapam Movie Review: Kiran Abbavaram, Priyanka Jawalkar and  Saikumar starrer SR Kalyanamandapam, helmed by Sridhar Gade, has been released. Let’s see the story of SR Kalyanamandapam.

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Story:  Kalyan (Kiran Abbavaram) is a happy go lucky youth who is in the love of  his  Btech classmate Sindhu  (Priyanka Jawalkar). But Kalyan has an ego issue with his father Dharma (Sai Kumar)  and  refuses to communicate his issues.  What is the problem between the father and son and how does  Kalyan solve it? Form rest of the story of SR Kalyanamandapam.

 Plus Points:

  • Performance
  • Father and son relationship

 Minus Points:

  • Romantic track
  • Narration
  • Editing
  • Weak climax

Performance: Kiran Abbavaram who is playing the hero, does a great job.  Priyanka Jawalkar is fine and she impresses with her natural acting. Undoubtedly Sai Kumar is a flawless performer and he is the role of Dharma delivers his best.  He  as the drunkard father who is going through a turmoil, is fine. Srikanth Iyengar is ok.   The rest of the cast of SR Kalyanamandapam justifies their roles.

Technical: SR Kalyanamandapam is directed by Sridhar Gadhe but Kiran Abbavaram takes over the story, screenplay and dialogues.  The story of the film is routine.  The movie had solid chance to elevate the emotions but the director Sridhar Gade missed on these aspects and failed to impress the movie lovers. The second half of SR Kalyanamandapam has decent story and the emotions between father and son work well. Editing is just ok and it  needs serious editing as close to half. The dialogues are good and the music is ok. The climax is weak.

Analysis:  Overall,  SR Kalyanamandam is a father-son story. The director Sridhar Gade failed to establish a good love track between Kalyan and Sindhu.

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