Sri Reddy dominates Telugu Heroes in Facebook

Sri Reddy dominates Telugu Heroes in Facebook
Sri Reddy dominates Telugu Heroes

Sri Reddy dominates Telugu Heroes : Sri Reddy who has been the part of only 3-4 movies, has become the well known face for Telugu audiences.  After stripped outside the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce as a mark of protest, Sri Reddy became overnight sensations.   The Controversial actress Sri Reddy is using her  Facebook and Twitter as weapons and making sensational comments against the top celebrities without any hesitation. Currently Sri Reddy is dominating top Tollywood stars in Facebook.

 I am Sri reddy facebook likes : 6,020,483

Jr Ntr facebook likes :  3,082,751

Actor Nani facebook likes :  4,752,443

Nagarjuna Akkineni face book likes :  2,178,958

Always Ram Charan facebook likes :  4,898,624

Its Ravi Teja facebook likes :  1,666,515

Chay Akkineni facebook likes : 496,453

RGV (Ram Gopal Varma) is not even close: it will take 6 lives to reach Sri Reddy in facebook..

RGV facebook likes :  951,555

it will take a while to reach her in facebook…

Here are few reasons why Sri Reddy is popular!

Sri Reddy interacts her fans via live chat and used to post her videos on social media.

 Sri Reddy is very active on her Twitter and Facebook Page. She regularly posts abusive and vulgar post against  Telugu stars especially against Pawan Kalyan and Natural Star Nani.

 Sri Reddy shares You Tube video of her interviews freely which draws the attention of many fans.

On 7th April 2018, Sri Reddy staged a strip-protest in front of the office of  Movie Artistes Association (MAA) alleging that she was not getting  membership to the body. Sri Reddy’s protest was also against the poaching of talent from outside, overlooking local artists. A day after the protest, Sri Reddy claimed that she was asked to vacate her house.

People who are supporting Sri Reddy include a small section of her followers on social media. The rest have been shaming her.