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Sri Reddy files lodges complaint against 28 members

Sri Reddy files lodges complaint against 28 membersSri Reddy’s  protest against s*xual exploitation in Telugu Film Industry has created a lot of buzz in the media over the last few weeks.  It is known news that Sri Reddy abused Jana Sena President and actor Power Star Pawan Kalyan and also showed her middle finger in front of camera. Pawan Kalyan’s fans across the globe were furious over Sri Reddy’s filthy language and remarks against Pawan Kalyan. Several took to Twitter and Facebook to condemn Sri Reddy’s act. Few fans of Pawan Kalyan trolled her and also threatened to rape and kill her.


Now according to the latest update Sri Reddy has filed a complaint in Humayun Nagar Police station against few people.  Sri Reddy  asked the police to take immediate action. The ACP Ashok Chakravarti  said that the complaint would be accompanied by a cyber crime collaboration and after legal advice, they would take action.

List of accused persons:

  1. Lady fan President of Pawan Kalyan
  2. Jeevitha Rajasekhar
  3. Pawan Kalyan fans
  4. Ajay Kauyinda (Director)
  5. Vijay (Director)
  6. Raghava Reddy
  7. Gabbar Singh movie (Batch)
  8. Strong Supporter of Pawan Kalyan
  9. Kalyan DeepSunkala
  10. Karate Kalyani
  11. Satya Chowdary
  12. Shakalaka Shanker
  13. Sunder Sai Kiran
  14. Fans of Pawan Kalyan
  15. Babu Gogineni
  16. Tripuraneni Sriprasad
  17. Yogi Kumar (Short Film Director)
  18. Ashwa Rao Peta Kurralu
  19. Vaishnavi Junior Artist
  20. Gayatri Gupta
  21. Arvind 2 Hero
  22. Film Gossip Site
  23. Tollywood film News
  24. Common man Site
  25. Latest Filmy Gossip Site
  26. Telugu Insider
  27. Padma Arts
  28. Gavva Media


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