Sri Reddy sensational comments on KCR family

Sri Reddy supports Maha Kutami and criticizes KCR family

Sri Reddy, the controversial Telugu actress Sri Reddy has made sensational post on KCR family on her social media sites. She asked her fans and others to vote for Maha Kutami.

Sri Reddy wrote on her Facebook, “Vote for maha kutami..if u vote for trs, telangana wl vanish in development picture..dnt vote for dictator or Hitler..Use your vote for best telangana..think for our children and development..dnt kill democracy ..jai telangana..”

 Sri Reddy again wrote, “Ladies lekunda kodukki nidrapattadhu..mandhu lekunda thandriki nidra pattadhu..kabja lekunda kuthuriki nidra pattadhu..nidra pothunna telangana melkondi”

Sri Reddy made a strong remark against KCR  and called him dictator, Hitler.

 It is known news that few months ago, Sri Reddy made sensational comments on TRS leader and Armoor MLA Jeevan Reddy and said that he was womenizer. She wrote on her Facebook,” I know trs government wl say it is a political drama..but few months onwards I am keep on posting in my f.b, to the kcr Garu that ,if I open my mouth in your government lot of people wl come out on sexual harassment I said already..thatz the only reason pawan kalyan through they mashed my me too wl not die ktr Garu till harrassment dies..go to my old posts nd check..i am not blaming whole trs party on this.. m.l.a jeevan reddy is a womanizer..he used to have a permanent rooms nd a villa in hotel park hayat..he showed me his personal gun also nd he took drugs in front of me..more than a m.l.a he is a big pimp for big heads.. if they wanted to take revange on me, I know how easy it is ..I am scared ,but still ..#metoo”

Sri Reddy said that TRS MLA Jeevan Reddy had harassed her and would often call her on the phone asking her to come to Park Hyatt hotel in Hyderabad. She also said that the TRS leader has a permanent room at hotel and he also threatened her with his personal gun and consumed drugs as well. Sri Reddy wrote about TRS leader Jeeven Reddy on FB, “Jeevan reddy is not fit for be a public servant.. he is a ladies meat lover..he is a habitual of taking drugs too(addicted)..trs has to keep truthful enquiry on this matter..I wl cooperate.. I hope trs government wl not plan any revange things on me,I dnow how much safe I am ..”