Sri Reddy special request: To encounter Pawan Kalyan

 Sri Reddy special request: To encounter Pawan Kalyan
Sri Reddy special request: To encounter Pawan Kalyan

Sri Reddy is one of the controversial actresses, who never leave a chance to criticize Jana Sena Chief actor Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Recently Sri Reddy commented on Disha’s rape and murder case and requested to Andhra Pradesh Police to encounter Pawan Kalyan, who got married 3-4 times. The encounter of all the four suspects in the Hyderabad veterinary doctor Disha has brought cheers among the public. Everyone is applauding the police as the right punishment has been awarded to the accused.
Sri Reddy took to her Facebook and said, “Who are marrying 3,4 times like Pawan Kalyan (PK), should get encountered, I request Andhra Pradesh police to do encounter this fellow.” The actress Sri Reddy’s comments on PK is going viral and Pawan Kalyan’s fans are abusing her.

One of the netizens, named Raja Rithesh said, “Why do u have a problem… Before u get into relationships with pk u must think… Why u crying about him now …if u interested be a 4 1/ 2.”

Another netizen named Mugunth Krishnan said, “Those who sleep with movie directors just for movie offers should also get encountered.” it is known the news that on several occasions, Sri Reddy has confirmed that she shared the beds with actors and filmmakers just for getting the offers in the movies.

The four accused named Mohammad Areef Pasha, Jollu Naveen, Jollu Shiva, Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu have been encountered when they tried to escape during the crime recreation at Chantanpalli bridge in Shadnagar. Meanwhile, Disha’s family members welcomed the encounter and said that her soul will rest in peace today.

In the month of March, this year, Sri Reddy also raised a red flag against Pawan Kalyan and alleged that he cheated actress Renu Desai, Poonam Kaur, and other girls. Sri Reddy alleged that Pawan Kalyan has exploited other girls and he should be punished and now she is requesting Andhra Pradesh police to encounter Pawan Kalyan.

Credit: Facebook