Sri Reddy’s comments on media reporters

Sri Reddy’s comments on media reportersControversial Telugu actress Sri Reddy who raised a furore over the casting couch issue and discrimination against Telugu women in Tollywood, is now targeting media reporters. Sri Reddy is now back in news!

Sri Reddy’s initial media post indirectly poin3ted out big names in Tollywood and later she claimed that she had proof that some biggies were involved in the racket. Sri Reddy’s act captured the attention of many.   Later Sri Reddy staged a semi nude protest at movie Astists Assosiation (MAA) by going topless. Many called her protest- a publicity stunt. She also released the intimate photographs of her and Abhiram Daggubati but Suresh Babu remained silent and did not come forward to talk about Abhiram  Daggubati and Sri Reddy’s issue.

Now the media have stopped giving publicity to  this controversial actress Sri Reddy. On Wednesday, Sri  Reddy tried to stage a dharna in front of a studio and later she addressed a press conference. Her dharna and presser were completely blacked out in the media.

Now Sri Reddy is targeting the media reporters.  She wrote on the wall of Facebook, “Reporters thalusukunte thera venaka hero kulukulu,mancham kindha dhachina ranku mogudu,jacket ,pocket,bucket lo dhachina dhonga dabbu anni bayata kosthai,puppet laga yedudhuru..enquiry aindhi anavsaramga nannu kelakadhu..”