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Sri Reddy’s letter to SHE Team

 Sri Reddy's letter to SHE TeamTelugu actress Sri Reddy is striking the headlines every single day with one or the other controversial statement.  Recently she talked about Casting Couch in a Youtube channel. She also opened about her relationships and talked about how she is denied Movie Artists Association, membership.

On 7th April, Sri Reddy staged a strip-protest in front of the office of the Movie Artistes Association (MAA) alleging that she was not getting a membership to the body because she has been quite vocal about  industry’s malpractices.


Demanding a SIT team from SHE team to investigate into casting couch in Tollywood, woman activist Komireddy Jyothakka wrote a letter to ACP, Kavitha Dara and said women will go for Gandhan Satyagraha if Sree Reddy is not respected.

Here is the letter written to SHE Team

Ms  Kavitha Dara,
Hyderabad City Police,
Government of Telangana,


 Sri Reddy’s “NUDE” protest raised several uncomfortable questions on  the anti women attitude of Sri. KCR’s TRS Government and your SHE TEAM” As a woman you are aware that there is nothing shameful about SriReddy’s mode of protest, she made a strong statement i.e. see this is the same body that you make use of and have no respect for, so take it as a sign of protest now.The Telangana Government, our society, MAA, and we have all pushed her to take such extreme step.

 NUDE protests are not new in India. In June 2014 young ladies marched naked against Rape Ms Puja Chowhan walked semi NUDE to protest Dowry.

 MAA President Sri Shivaji Raja and all members should feel ashamed of for driving Sri Reddy to such pathetic condition, added to this agony her land lord is forcing her to vacate his house and MAA warned that she will neither be given membership nor any member actor will act with her in any movie.

 Though the SHE TEEM is for zero tolerance policy towards women safety but Sri.KCR’s Government failed to safe guard women, which resulted in to SriReddy’s NUDE protest.

 Police swiftly acted on TOLLYWOOD “Drugs Racket” but, SHE TEEM is silent on TOLLYWOOD casting couch?

 As an activist and public spirited person my appeal and demand is to constitute a SIT in SHE TEEM, investigate in to the casting couch, by detaining the MAA president Sri. Shivaji Raja and all other responsible office bearers under P.D Act for the agony and sufferance caused to SriReddy by protecting her, otherwise we shall launch GANDHAN SATYAGRAHA to protest women.

 Thanking you,

Yours sincerely
Smt. Komireddi Jyothakka, Advocate


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