Sridevi death mystery- Rs 240 Cr Insurance in Dubai: A planned murder or An accidental death?

Sridevi death mystery- Rs 240 Cr Insurance in Dubai: A planned murder or An accidental death?

Sridevi left for heavenly abode on 24th  February  this year and it is still hard for her fans and family to come to terms with this heartbreaking news. The entire world was shocked when legendary actress Sridevi passed away in a bathtub of a hotel in Dubai under mysterious circumstances.

After the investigation authorities claimed that Sridevi had died due to accidental drowning on 24th February, 2018. A lot of questions were raised regarding her untimely demise.

 The events surrounding Sridevi’s death and the post-mortem report provided by the Dubai Police said Sridevi died due to accidental drowning are still shrouded in a mystery. Ved Bhushan, a retired ACP of Delhi Police, has claimed that Sridevi’s death looks more like a planned murder than an accident. Ved Bhushan, who runs a private investigation agency, said that he along with his investigation team also visited a hotel in Dubai, owned by Dawood Ibrahim , and they stayed there for a night. Ved Bhushan said,  “Now I am  planning to file an appeal in the Supreme Court on this investigation so that the death of Sridevi can be re-examined.” ACP also has alleged that underworld don Dawood Ibrahim may be involved in  the murder of Sridevi  since he has a stronghold in Dubai and also has a close relationship with the Dubai prince’s family.

Claims of the life insurance worth Rs 240 Cr have again raised the question: Was it an accidental death or a planned murder?

A filmmaker named Sunil Singh, also claimed that Sridevi was murdered. Sunil Singh had earlier filed a PIL seeking an investigation into Sridevi‘s death at the Delhi High Court  on 9th March. However, the High Court rejected his plea and dismissed his demand of any further probe. Hence, Sunil Singh decided to move to the Supreme Court. But the SC too has dismissed the petition seeking an independent probe into the death of Sridevi. Sunil Singh also said in his plea that Sridevi was 5 feet 7 inches tall whereas the bathtub in which she drowned was only 5 feet long.

The Sunil Singh’s lawyer Vikas Singh said , “An insurance policy worth Rs 240 crore in was bought in Sridevi’s name in Oman and could be encashed only if the actor Sridevi died in Dubai.”

According to the post-mortem report, Sri Devi died due to “accidental drowning” in a bathtub in a Dubai hotel. She went to Dubai to attend a family wedding.

The fans of Sri Devi are saying that it was a pre-planned murder for the insurance money.

Check some of the tweets:

 Superstar Sridevi@Sridevi_FC: An insurance policy worth ₹ 240 crores was bought in #Sridevi’s name in Oman & could be encashed only if she died in Dubai. We fans had already indicated that it wasn’t an accidental death but a planned murder. Will her death remain an unsolved mystery?#SrideviLivesForever

 vikas(Викас) @vikasF22: Wow!! Sridevi had an Insurance policy worth Rs 240 crore (~$35m) in case she died in Dubai(highly improbable).

Strengthens theory that she was murdered to qualify insurance conditions by her husband(under financial distress).
Indian Judiciary is totally compromised by powerful.

#Akash Vaishnav @akusharma73: Sridevi Kapoor Had an ₹247 Crore Insurance On Her Life, The Insurance Could Only Be Triggered After Her Death Which Would Directly Benefit Husband Boney Kapoor, Wait Until Some Time Or Even Years But Justice Will Be Served To