Tamil actress Riyamikka found dead

Tamil actress Riyamikka found dead

Riyamikka, the Tamil actress, who worked in movies like Kundratthiley Kumaranukku Kondattam and Aghori-Yin Attam Aarambam, was found dead at her residence in Valasaravakkam.

Riyamikka committed suicide by hanging herself at her home yesterday.  Police have registered a case and the  investigation has been started but the actual facts behind her suicide are yet to be known. The police did not find any note.

 Riyamikka was staying with her brother Prakash at a rented accommodation in the Sridevi Kuppam area of Valasaravakkam. Both were residing in this house for the past 4 months.

Prakash said to the police that Riyamikka came late on Tuesday night, and that was the last time he saw his sister alive.  Prakash added that she was looking very upset and tired when he met with her.

 On Tuesday night, Riyamikka made her last call to her boy friend Dinesh. On Wednesday, when Dinesh tried to reach her mobile, but Riyamikka  did not receive his call, so he decided to meet her. Both Prakash and Dinesh were shocked  when they saw that the room of Riyamikka was locked from the inside and when she did not open the door after several knocks, Prakash broke the glass of window and saw that Riyamikka was hanging from the ceiling.

Police now declared the death of Riyamikka as an unnatural one, and further investigations are going on.

After acting in few movies, when  Riyamikka stopped getting a lot of work in Tamil film industry, she was under a lot of stress. The actress’s family suspects that the stress might have resulted in her suicide.