Telugu people’s popular comedy show work resumes

Telugu people's popular comedy show work resumes
Telugu people’s popular comedy show work resumes

Telugu state’s most popular comedy show Jabardasth has resumes its works. Due to corona virus outbreak it is known that there has been no shootings happened for the past three and half months. Usually, Jabardasth makers will keep 2 -3 episodes in bank so that they can air those episodes in crucial situations where shooting is not possible. However with shoot not happening for more than three and half months there are no episodes to be aired.

The TV channel which airs this show has telecasted old episodes in this mean time. But now that the Telangana government has given permissions to shoot serials and TV shows along with movies, Jabardasth shooting started a few days back. It is said that already two episodes have been shot and they need to be edited out.

After they get finished, they will be telecasted. According to sources, from next week Jabardasth will again continue to air its episodes in its regular time slot. Jabardasth has been the highest TRP rated TV comedy show in Telugu States for many years.

Since its inception there has been no break for Jabardasth whatsoever. It happened for the first time with covid-19.