Trivikram Srinivas shocking response on Poonam Kaur allegation

Trivikram Srinivas shocking response on Poonam Kaur allegationTrivikram Srinivas : During the media interaction, Trivikarm Srinivas opened up about Poonam Kaur allegation.

Poonam Kaur Lal is an ardent fan of Power Star Pawan Kalyan and recently the actress came in the support of Pawan Kalyan when Mahesh Kathi criticized her favourite star. On 25th May, Poonam Kaur made a series of sensational tweets, she wrote, “Jalsalu Choopistu Agnyathavaasam Lo Esestadu…Jaggeratha #Namakadrohi” Meaning, “While he shows a colourful world in the daylight, he doesn’t hesitate to backstab you.”  As Poonam Kaur  Lal used the words of Jalsa and Agnyaathavaasi , the people understood that she is targeting  either Pawan Kalyan or Trivikram Srinivas, as they are both names of films that the duo have worked on.

 Poonam Kaur also wrote on the wall of Facebook, “Concepts copy chesi … dialogues copy chesi… battalu marchukuntu… manshulu maristu… mata meeda undakapovadam…. jaanalu innocence toh aadkuntu… vesha bhushalu maristu jaanalu ni mobbi petti…. ammailu ni addam pettukuntu rajikiyalu chestunnaru kontha mandi….. aa bhagwantudey …. nijam ento ani telipinchali ani manasupurti ga koru kuntunna….,” which translates into English as: “Some people are indulging in political activities by copying concepts…. copying dialogues…. changing costumes, people…. deceiving people by toying with innocent people…. by cheating girls…. I pray to God to help people realize the truth….””

Majority of the people who had seen her facebook post and tweets assumed  that Poonam Kaur  targeted Trivikram Srinivas here.

Poonam also confirmed that  her target is one particular Director as she wrote,  ‘The director yet extends his support to thru all his 4 families support to this so called NRI heroine (he has tendendancy to fall for this particular slang for years ) so I did not have a hit …so did she ??’.

According to Poonam, Trivikram Srinivas always preferred NRI actress. In ‘Jalsa’ Parvati Melton and in ‘Agnyaathavaasi’, Anu Emmanuel played the female lead.  The cleaver actress Poonam Kaur is creating lot of buzz on social media without revealing the name of the director.

Recently Trivikarm Srinivas attended an interview and opened up about the failure of Agnyaathavaasi .  He was also asked  to respond of Poonam Kaur’s allegations. The director said, “ There is no truth in this and I don’t want to waste my precious time to respond on such type the gossips and rumours. “ On the other side, Currently Trivikram is busy in his upcoming directorial venture Aravinda sameta in which Jr.NTR is playing the lead role.