Unimaginable Craze for Kaushal

Unimaginable Craze for KaushalKaushal Manda is an actor of Telugu Film Industry and currently he is one of the participants of ongoing controversial reality show Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, which is being hosted by Nani.  He is enjoying huge fan base. His fans have formed an Army and are giving full support to Kaushal. Generally, BiggBoss contestants get an identity after entering into the Bigg Boss but this type of craze never in past and may not in future also.  Though the house members of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu show and many people are criticizing Kaushal for his activities, but at the same time, the intensity of activities and the moral of activities are positive for so many people also. They receive goodness from these activities and they learn more from his ideology. On 9th September, the huge army of Kaushal fans held a 2K walkathon at Madhapur in Hyderabad, which was attended by thousands of men and women and even kids fans of Kaushal. Everyone was shocked after watching  the unimaginable support and craze for Kaushal. Till date, no any contestant, neither in Telugu, Tamil nor in Hindi Bigg Bogg got this craze.

Kaushal is undoubtedly the favourite of the audience, who has evoked unprecedented craze and hysteria which even the first season contestants failed to garner.

For the successful 2K Walk in Hyderabad, Neelima, the wife of Kaushal Manda, took to Twitter to thank Kaushal Army  and followers for showing  love and support to her husband. She wrote, “I cannot put my feelings into words. It’s a blessing to have you all love Kaushal as much as you do.Kaushal would be very happy to know the amount of love being showered on him. I thank Kaushal Army for being with him through everything. Thank you. NEELIMA KAUSHAL.

Now a similar run is being organised in Vizag and Vijayawada.