Vishwak Sen finally apologizes

Vishwak Sen came up with crime thriller drama Falaknuma Das to impress his fans.  The movie was released on 31st May 2019 and received mixed talk by the movie lovers and critics from everywhere. Vishwak Sen was very upset as few movie lovers rejected his movie.  The actor took his Instagram page and shared a video in which he is seen travelling in car as he addresses his fans. He said  that he is coming to Guntur to thank the audience. He would also visit Vijayawada, where he will have a cake cutting ceremony in the evening.  In this video clip he is also seen scolding his critics. He  used the F word in Public and indirectly targated Vijay Deverakonda, but finally he apologized for his act.

Vishwak Sen came up with an interesting caption, “Hello People! Your love for Falaknuma Das has been immense and I am so grateful for it. It is a movie made for all you hardcore Hyderabadi’s out there! But unfortunately there are people who are bringing the movie down by creating unnecessary flak around the same. With all due respect, I understand the negativity around it, but I hope all you fans of mine will shower so much love that the negativity won’t matter. Here’s the full video and you will see that it is not directed to any of my fellow artists, actors or producers. #faluknamadas.

Vishwak Sen said that he did not abuse critics or audience.  According to him,  few people are spreading negativity about his movie Falaknuma Das. Meanwhile he apologized  for using abusive language in the video, he said, “I am very sorry for using that curse word on my Instagram.”