What if… Babu Gogineni was Arjun Reddy: The epic combination of Arjun and rationalist Babu Gogineni

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s directorial venture Arjun Reddy starring Vijay Deverakonda  and Shalini Pandey  which was released on 25th August 2017, created lot of buzz in film Industry and turned out superhit at the box office.  Recently in a satirical comedy show, Vijay Devarakonda’s Arjun Reddy character was imitated in popular humanist and rationalist Babu Gogineni style. The story of Arjun Reddy was presented in a comic way for the entertainment. Babu Gogineni is known for his debates against superstitions in the name of religious practices and God, and theories and procedures against scientific evidences and authentication.

The 8 minute segment on YouTube, has an actor imitating Babu Gogineni’s body language and speech pattern, but is narrating the plot of  Sandeep Reddy’s Arjun Reddy. The video starts with an anchor welcoming the viewers to ‘no news time’, before introducing his guest, a doctor, who once was known for his profane language but had changed into a Mother Teresa like figure.

Arjun Gogineni takes his first jibe and said he had a problem with the Mother Teresa comparison as she was for religion, but he was humanism.

The actor  who is playing Babu Gogineni does a fantastic job with the voice as well. The video is going viral on  Internet.  Arjun Gogineni explain his beautiful love story  from the football fight to the climax park scene in his own ‘unique style’.

Babu Gogineni also reacted on the video and wrote,  “What a spoof, working at different levels! I thoroughly enjoyed how you got in Humanism, MN Roy and also my bonsai into the script! And so kindly the BP Machine too.”